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Teeth Extractions in Middle Village

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Teeth Extractions in Middle Village
Teeth Extractions in Middle Village

Before any teeth extractions are done in Middle Village, our dentist will thoroughly evaluate your dental and medical history and take all the appropriate x-rays.  These x-rays will show the position, length, and shape of your tooth, as well as the surrounding bone. This information is very important and will allow our experts at Implant and Cosmetic Dental Care, PLLC to estimate the degree of difficulty of your extraction.  A thorough exam will also be done to find out the exact reason why an extraction, or extractions, are needed.  We know that teeth extractions are not something anyone looks forward to, but there are definite situations when teeth do need to be extracted and should not be delayed.  Our general dentist, Dr. Edmond A. Demirdjan, along with our well-educated staff, are dedicated to your oral well-being in addition to your comfort.  By combining our up-to-date education on all dental advancements, with state-of-the-art technology, we provide exceptional dental care.

Whether decay has reached deeply into your tooth, an infection has destroyed a large section of the tooth, or there simply isn’t enough room for all the teeth in your mouth, you can be assured that our dentist will diagnose your condition accurately, and determine the proper course of treatment to take.

In many cases, our dentist recommends removing impacted teeth that are only partially erupted because bacteria can enter around a partially erupted tooth and cause a damaging infection. This infection can reach into your surrounding bone and become rather serious. Even when there isn’t enough room to accommodate them, these impacted teeth will continue to try and break through your gums. The continued pressure can eventually damage the roots of your nearby teeth.  Extracting a tooth that is impacted not only prevents pain in the future, but can also prevent infection and damage to nearby teeth and bone. In regards to teeth extractions in Middle Village, we also offer sedation and nitrous oxide, which assures that the area surrounding your tooth will be anesthetized. Our main goal is an effective and successful treatment.

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