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Root Canal in Middle Village

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Root Canals

Have you ever had a root canal? Root canals are some of the most commonly used dental services today, because they address some of the most common problems. Here at Implant and Cosmetic Dental Care, PLLC, we are known for having the best experts in root canal in Middle Village. Many people are unaware of what root canals are and what they are used for. The main reason that we will recommend a root canal in Middle Village is if you have a tooth in which the pulp is infected. Each of your teeth has a pulp at its center, which is a collection of soft tissue. When you have a tooth that is significantly decayed, the pulp can then be exposed to the bacteria and other harmful substances within your mouth at any given time. When you have a tooth with an infected pulp, you are likely to experience moderate to severe toothache. You might notice increased pain in that specific tooth when biting down or chewing your food. You are also likely to experience an increased sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures in that tooth. If you think you have an infected or decayed tooth, you should schedule an appointment with the experts here at Implant and Cosmetic Dental Care, PLLC so that we can examine the tooth and determine if a root canal in Middle Village is called for. During root canal therapy, our dental experts remove in the infected pulp, then carefully clean and sanitize the area, and then seal the tooth up using specialized sealant materials in order to protect the tooth from being infected again in the future.

Root Canal in Middle Village
Root Canal in Middle Village

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