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Replace Missing Teeth in Middle Village

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Middle Village Dental Implants

Replace Missing Teeth in Middle Village
Replace Missing Teeth in Middle Village

If you have a missing tooth and would like a dental restoration that looks and feels natural, the answer is a dental implant. Leaving an empty space where a tooth used to be can have a negative impact on your appearance, but it can also lead to your other teeth shifting, discomfort, possible misalignment of your occlusion (bite), and the bone tissue receding in the spot where the tooth used to be. At Implant and Cosmetic Dental Care, PLLC, we are dedicated to giving you a complete smile again. So when you need to replace missing teeth in Middle Village, consider the many pluses that dental implants have in their favor.

There are two parts to the implant. Made of strong and durable titanium, the cylinder is placed in the jaw bone at the spot where the tooth used to be. Your jaw bone grows around it and as it does, it forms a stable bond and a fusion that does not require any clasps, adhesive, or anchoring to neighboring teeth. The second part is a crown made out of tooth-colored material. It’s placed on top and then cemented into place for a permanent and secure fit. And because it’s designed to mimic the root of your natural tooth, you will feel comfortable with it right from the start. It even preserves your facial contours, so no one will even know you have a restoration except for you. And you may even find yourself forgetting now and again. That’s how real it feels and looks. It’s not difficult to see why a dental implant is a popular way to replace missing teeth in Middle Village.

To get started with a dental implant, call us and schedule an exam and consultation, where our dentist will make sure that your gums are in good enough shape to receive an implant and imaging will be done to determine that your jaw bone is strong and thick enough to support the titanium cylinder. There are a few other considerations that will be discussed, including whether you’re a smoker or have diabetes. Both of these are concerns and can affect the success of implant dentistry. But 98% of dental implants are done with positive results, so if you are considered a good candidate, you should feel confident in choosing them when you replace missing teeth in Middle Village.

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