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Dentist in Middle Village

Middle Village dentures
Middle Village dentures

Keeping teeth healthy has always been the first priority for our dentist, Dr. Edmond A. Demirdjan, DDS, so our practice provides services geared to preventing decay, gum disease and possible tooth loss. However, patients do come to our practice with missing teeth due to severe decay, injury or teeth that need to be extracted. Our doctor will restore these teeth to full functionality whenever possible and replace the teeth when restoration is impossible often using Middle Village dentures.

Our dentist has several different methods to replace a missing tooth, several teeth or even a whole jaw full of teeth. Our doctor will evaluate the problem and explain all the treatment options to the patient in detail so they can make an informed decision on which tooth replacement procedure is best for them. For those patients that need one or a few teeth replaced our doctor can place teeth back in their mouths through a bridge. A bridge is a tooth or a string of replacement teeth made of metal and porcelain material that is anchored by a porcelain crown on either side of the replacement teeth. The crowns are placed on top of the natural teeth that are adjacent to the missing teeth. Our doctor will remove some material from the supporting teeth in order for the crowns to fit. Another method of replacing a missing tooth is to use a dental implant, which is a titanium anchor that is surgically implanted under the gum directly into the bone. Over time the anchor bonds with the bone making it essentially a part of the bone forming a very strong root for the new tooth. Our doctor will place a crown on top of the implanted anchor forming the chewing surface of the new tooth.

Middle Village dentures are available for those patients that need a large portion or all of the teeth on a jaw replaced. Dentures place the artificial teeth in a gum-like base. Since there are no natural teeth in the way the denture can sit directly on top of the gum and are held in place with a paste adhesive. Bridges and dentures can also be held in place by being supported by implanted anchors for extra security, which negates the need for placing crowns on the ends of bridges. Don’t let missing teeth slow you down; let our dentist make your mouth whole again.

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