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Teeth Replacement Options in Middle Village

If you’re in need of replacing missing teeth, you can depend on our distinguished Middle Village dentist to make the most advanced treatment solutions available to you. As an Associate Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, and accomplished teacher, lecturer and publisher in the field of implantology, Dr. Edmond A. Demirdjan has established a reputation for excellence and will work closely with you to provide the best possible results for your smile. Whether you stand to benefit most from the customized provision of dental bridgework, dentures, or dental implants, you can expect to receive the professional guidance, compassionate support, and state-of-the-art care you require at our office.

Just as every smile is unique, every treatment solution we offer is carefully tailored to the unique needs of our patients, with their treatment satisfaction and quality of life in mind. As a highly skilled Middle Village dentist, Dr. Demirdjan offers the finest quality fixed bridges, partial dentures, full dentures and dental implant solutions to help rebuild complete, attractive and highly functional smiles. For some patients, a partial or complete denture offers an effective and appropriate option in care. At Middle Village Dental, our dentures are fabricated with the most lifelike materials, and are designed for a precise fit and to support the soft tissues of the face for natural looking results. With our traditional fixed prosthodontics options in care, we can replace missing teeth with permanent and non-removable dental bridges. To accomplish this, the teeth adjacent to the edentulous area are crowned to support the replacement teeth.

Of course, the most advanced method of care that comes the closest to replicating the feel, function and look of natural teeth is dental implants. At Middle Village Dental, we offer the most advanced implant-based solutions, from the customized replacement of single teeth, to replacing multiple or all teeth along a dental arch with strategically placed implants. With a comprehensive knowledge of implant dentistry and years of experience, Dr. Demeirdjan will design the best treatment plan to rebuild your smile, providing advanced bone grafting as well as ridge augmentation procedures as necessary to establish sufficient bone mass for the successful placement of dental implants.

As part of our unwavering commitment to achieving the best outcomes of care, our state-of-the-art office remains as the leading edge of advances in dentistry. To learn more about what our experienced Middle Village dentist can do for your smile, call us today!

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