Middle Village Cosmetic Dentist

Middle Village Cosmetic Dentist

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Cosmetic Dentistry in Middle Village

For an experienced Middle Village cosmetic dentist who is dedicated to bringing out the best in your smile, choose the office of Middle Village Dental. Dr. Demirdjan is skilled in all facets of care and provides a comprehensive range of advanced dental services for you and your loved ones. From the essentials in preventive and restorative care, to the most leading-edge implant, prosthetic and cosmetic treatments available today, our office is well equipped to address all your dental needs. If you’re interested in smiling with renewed confidence, we offer a fabulous selection of personalized cosmetic services to brighten, touch up, or completely makeover your smile.

As your Middle Village cosmetic dentist, Dr. Demirdjan provides expert, professional guidance to help you make the most well informed decisions about your cosmetic treatment. From the most exquisite quality tooth colored fillings, Zirconia all-ceramic crowns, and porcelain dental veneers, to prescription strength teeth whitening services, we employ the most advanced techniques and technology to bring out your esthetic best. If you’re interested in lightening and brightening your smile, our prescription-strength teeth whitening services are a popular option in care. Custom-concentrated to lighten the shade of your smile faster, more safely and effectively than the range of over-the-counter products sold at the store, our professional strength whitening procedures can help brighten your day! For patients interested in addressing imperfections such as minimal chips, spacing, misshapen teeth, or major discoloration, we offer smile makeovers with customized porcelain veneers or dental crowns. Our veneers are essentially ultra-thin facings that are seamlessly bonded to the minimally prepared fronts of your natural teeth. These facings are fully customized to the shade, shape, and proportions of your desire, giving us the ability to dramatically transform your smile! If your teeth have more significant cosmetic issues or have sustained structural damage that cannot be addressed with veneers, we can alternatively place custom dental crowns that are fabricated with the highest quality dental grade ceramics. In fact, if you act now you can save, as we’re currently offering a $200 discount on a single Zirconia All-Ceramic Crown.

With the help of our Middle Village cosmetic dentist, we can help you look good and feel great about your smile. To learn more about our state-of-the-art selection of cosmetic treatments, call Middle Village Dental today!

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