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The most common urgent matters that we deal with here at Implant and Cosmetic Dental Care, PLLC are toothaches. Regardless of why they have occurred, pain in your tooth is a clear sign that you need prompt care and attention. Our emergency dentist in Middle Village will provide that for you.

Most often, the reason why you are experiencing a toothache is that the barriers on the outside of your tooth, particularly the enamel, have been broken down. This can be because of a cavity, or a filling that has come loose or fallen out. It can also occur when your tooth suffers a chip or a crack in it. In all such cases, the nerve inside is exposed, and that is typically why you are suffering pain. There is another concern, though, and it’s the main reason why you should get here to see our emergency dentist in Middle Village right away, even if the pain in your tooth is only minimal or even sporadic. The pulp of your tooth, right next to the nerve, may become infected as bacteria are able to get inside thanks to the cavity, loose or lost filling, chip, or crack. And the result of that is generally a noticeable increase in the amount of pain you feel. Other symptoms, including sensitivity to hot and cold items, gum tenderness, and tooth discoloration could also be present. Our emergency dentist in Middle Village will assess your tooth, with the help of x-rays, to determine the most appropriate treatment when you have a toothache. A simple cavity will require a filling; a lost filling will be replaced; a chip or crack requires a crown; and an infection means root canal. Fortunately, you can count on a comfortable experience with this procedure.

Toothaches should most certainly not be ignored. Contact our office without delay when you detect one.

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