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Dentist Office in Glendale

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Teeth Cleanings in Glendale

Dentist Office in Glendale
Dentist Office in Glendale

At Implant and Cosmetic Dental Care, PLLC our dentist office in Glendale provides patients with preventive care and dental services that help you keep your teeth healthy and clean. Ask us about our implants, which can replace teeth that are missing, or how you can have better teeth by following our preventive care guidelines.

Dental cleanings are the first step to proper dental care at our dentist office in Glendale. Dental cleanings are slightly different from periodontal cleanings. Dental cleanings mainly clean the mouth of bacteria and prevent plaque and tartar from building up. We do this by scraping off plaque and tartar with a special tool. Periodontal cleanings can help relieve the swelling and inflammation that gum disease causes and allows the mouth to heal. A periodontal cleaning is done when there is severe gum loss or gum disease. During a periodontal cleaning, we use special instruments to get deep under the gums. These instruments get in places where regular brushes can’t, and help to clean places that are normally impossible to get to with a regular toothbrush. The purpose of the periodontal cleaning is to try to save the teeth from gum disease.

A teeth cleaning at our dentist office in Glendale is meant to remove food and debris out from the deep pockets inside the gums, where bacteria hides. Because our cleanings are thorough, most patients only need one every year, while others who have dental problems or gum disease may need two to three a year. A periodontal cleaning is done as needed, or to control gum disease. We provide both kinds of cleanings at our office and in our offices during short, simple procedures. For more information call one of our staff for help or advice.

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