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Looking for a pick-me-up? At Middle Village Dental, we offer an exquisite selection of cosmetic dental treatments sure to make you smile! From the most beautifully crafted custom restorations, and porcelain dental veneers, to cosmetic bonding and professional teeth whitening services, our 11379 dental office is fully equipped to bring out the best in your smile. Over the years, Dr. Demirdjan has established a reputation for providing the highest quality general, family and cosmetic dental care, and welcomes the opportunity to help make your smile as beautiful as it is healthy.

If you’re looking for a confidence-booster, you’ll want to visit our 11379 dental office to discuss the benefits of a professional teeth whitening procedure. Quicker, safer and more effective than the multitude of over-the-counter strips, pastes and rinses sold online or at the store, our in-office whitening treatment can lighten your smile up to 8 shades by the end of a single visit! Beginning with a careful oral examination, we’ll first take special care to isolate, or in certain cases, treat any sensitive teeth or tissues before the whitening procedure. This helps to ensure the safest and most effective results of care. Our in-office treatment is our most popular option in care and is highly recommended for the most dramatic and immediate results. We also offer a portable whitening kit that can be used as prescribed at home. Complete with your own custom-contoured dental trays and prescription strength whitening agent, our home whitening kit can also produce radiant results. Whether you’re making that big presentation at work, out on a date, or just out on the town, you’ll be proud to share your smile!

If you would like to learn more about our professional teeth whitening services, or any of our additional cosmetic services, give a call to our 11379 dental office! Our helpful staff will be happy to schedule your next consultation. We look forward to making you smile!

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